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If we go to this place you will be hearing strange noises coming from the empty rooms and behind the walls, sounds of children crying, cold spots, faces that suddenly materialize in woodwork these are only a few of the strange occurrences witnessed by those who visited the castle of Franklin.
It is one of the Ohio's most
haunted places. In 1865, this mansion located on Franklin Avenue in Ohio city was the home to German immigrant HannesTiedemann, his wife, mother and several children.


Hannes Tiedemann was a grocer and investment banker who was famous as loud, harsh man. Many members of community believed
that he abuses his family and ruled like a tyrant. Tiedemann got
what he was looking for. When completed, the four storey Franklin Castle came complete with 30 rooms and a grand ballroom. The
outside of house was beautifully carved. The top floor of the Castle also provided wonderful views of both downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie.

Tiedemann moved with his wife, Lucie along with his mother,
Wiebeka and several servants. The first few years went very well. They gave birth to many childrenn. Later the condition ruined. In 1881, tragedy began with the death of Tiedemann's mother and his 15-year old daughter, Emma, died within weeks of each other. Wiebeka died of natural causes whereas Emma's was believed to be a result of diabetes. 

These deaths gave rise not only to the curse, but also rumors that Hannes Tiedemann was a controlling evil man.Many believed that he murdered his neice and a young servant girl.It was during this time that the infamous hidden and secret passageways were
constructed inside Franklin Castle. Why they were created? 

Some say that they were created by Tiedemann simply as a way of taking his wife's mind off the recent death of her daughter.Others say that they were created so that he could commit crimes, including murdering of niece, a servant girl and even his own 
daughter Emma.  

Luice Tiedemann passed away in 1895, her death also due to the curse or worse yet,murder at the hands of her husband. Hannes remarried shortly after her death. After Luice death, Hannes sold this Franklin Castle to a local brewer named Mullhauser. Hannes leaving the Castle was not enough to escape Franklin Castle's power and in 1908 , he died suddenly.With the death of Tiedemann, his family tree ended because all his grandsons died before him. Whole the family was cursed. 

In 1913, Franklin Castle was sold to the German Socialist Party. The group owned the castle for the next 55 years. During this time, not much is known about the goings on inside the castle, although many speculate that the party held secret meetings and engaged in espionage. 

The wildest rumor involves the mass political assassination of about 20 members.

The party later rented out rooms of the castle to boarders.  One of those persons was believed to be a doctor who performed
"strange" experiments using human specimens.Secret rooms and passages do exist inside the castle. Hannes Tiedemann used a secret room to store the bodies of his dead babies and killed his niece in a hidden passage by the ball room. In January 1968, German socialists sold this Castle to James Romano. 

Family members began experiencing strange things. The Romano children often speak of their new found friend that they would play in the fourth floor of the ball room. Mrs Romano began to feel the presence of Mrs. Tiedemann in the home and often hear music coming from different areas of the home.

In 1970's, one of the owners found the skeletons of atleast dozens of babies in side a small sealed room. They were later examined and was proved that they were very old. Some say that they were the bones of  missing Tiedemann children.It was said that a youngg girl haunts the 4th floor ballroom. She may be the ghost of young Rachel or Tiedemann's niece. 

In the ballroom, there is a large blood stain which still appears on the marble floor. The Romano family claimed that the house was visited by the ghost of a young girl. The family later moved out after recieving warnings by the ghost of a future death. 

 A newspaper boy claimed that when he knocked the door, a voice told him to "come in". He saw an apparition of a woman in white, who glided down the staircase and disappeared through a closed door.The doors open and shut on their own.Romano family invited Cleveland radio executive John webster to the house about
hauntings and Franklin Castle. He claimed that while he was walking upstairs, something tore a tape recorder from a strap over his shoulder. It was broken into pieces.A television reporter named Ted Ocepec, who came to visit the castle witnessed a ceiling light that suddenly began turning in circular motions.

 Very few people have gone inside the castle. No one knows what really happened there. But these mysterious deaths left the Castle as a haunted place. 
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