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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Hi friends, It's a long time since I met you. Today Iam here with a very interesting story of a haunted house " The Lalaurie House of Horror". This house is in 1400 Royal street in New Orleans. In 1832, Dr. Louis Lalaurie and his wife Delphine moved into the Creole mansion of French quarter.

They were very rich and were famous for their social affairs.

Madame Lalaurie was one of the most influential woman maintaining her own lifestyle and looking after family's business affairs. Her daughters also earned good fame in their dressing sense.

Those who were invited for the social functions in this house were very lucky because they were amazed to see the three storey mansion which was graced with a beautiful iron work. The doors were carved with beautiful flowers and human faces and illuminated with candles in gigantic chandeliers. That house is especially made for functions and dinners.

Madame Lalaurie was considered one of the most intelligent woman and most beautiful woman of the city. Those who were greeted by her at the gatherings cannot stop talking about her. But this only one side of her which everyone were able to see. But there is a cruel side of her. On the other side, she was a cruel and insane woman.

Madame Lalaurie appointed many dozens of slaves. She treated them very badly. In those days, slaves were treated very badly. She used to chain his cook to the fireplace and treated her very badly. Many people used to treat slaves badly than animals. Her treatment with slaves was far beyond cruelty.

Some of her neighbors suspected that something worst was happening in Lalaurie house. Many slaves disappear, they often come and leave the job. They were never seen again. One day a neighbor when climbing her own stairs saw Madame chasing her little servant girl where girl jumped from building and died. Later Ms. Lalaurie buried her in the yard near trees. She used to put an auction and sell the slaves. Soon her ill treatment with her slaves spreaded and many dinner invitations and friendly visits were declined. She was politely avoided by her Creole members slowly.

Finally, In 1834 a terrible fire broke in the house and it was believed that her cook herself done this to reveal the atrocities of Lalaurie. The fire swept through the house. After the fire was put off, the fire fighters found a horrible sight where dozens of slaves were chained to the walls in a cruel way. There were both male and female.  Some were tied in the cages made for dogs. Human body parts were scattered around and buckets are filled with human heads. There were a collection of whips and paddles in the shelves. This is beyond our imagination. Such a cruel lady she was.

It was said that all the victims were naked and some woman have their stomachs sliced open. Even God cannot tolerate this. The men were in more horrible condition. Friends, I couldnt write much on this as my eyes were filled in tears after imagining the pain of these slaves. The eyes of the men were poked out, finger nails ripped off and all the parts sliced away. One man was hung on to a wall through a hole made on his head.

It was said that many slaves pleaded her to kill them as they cannot tolerate the pain. But she tortured them alive. The firefighters could not digest what they have seen and called the doctors near by and it was found that most of the slaves were found dead. Few were clinging with life and there was also a woman whose hands and legs were removed and another woman who was forcibly put in a cage at odd angles with her limbs broken. She was the reason for all this and her husband was proved innocent.

Her atrocities spread all around the city and many people gathered around her house for killing her. Suddenly a car went through the crowd and Madame Lalaurie and her family were never seen again. Many said that they ran away to France. Later she was not found again and no legal action taken against her. After clearing the bodies of slaves the house remained vacant and it was about to ruin and decay. Many people complained the sounds of agony coming out at night. They also saw apparitions of slaves walking in balconies and yards.

It was also said that the passers who tried to took shelter in this house were never heard again. This house was put for sale in 1837, where a man bought it but was abandoned because he claimed that he heard strange noises and cries of the people. Later this house was turned to a dance and fashion school for black children. Initially it went well. But after few days, the teacher was doubted for improprieties and was closed the following day.

Later, Vignie secretly lived in this house from 1880 to 1892. But he was dead suddenly and his death occurred mysteriously. Many people compained about many paranornal events of ghosts tied in chains, animals roaring, girl who was chased wih a whip etc. The tenants were no longer able to stay there.

The house today is a good place for haunting and surely we can find some evidences here. Recently, a graveyard was found here. There was a mystery of why Lalaurie slaves were gerring disappeared. Finally, it was known that they were burnt and that the place is cursed with the agony of the slaves and their souls are still wandering there. I wish my paranormal friends give us more clue.

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