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In the early 1900’s, A very dangerous disease of Tuberculosis spread in the America for which no cure existed. It claimed the entire families and sometimes entire towns. Kentucky has one of the highest tuberculosis death rates in America. It is a perfect breeding ground for the disease. 

A hospital was constructed on windswept hill in Jefferson County to give treatment to the diseased people. The hospital was overpopulated with the diseased patients. So immediately a new hospital was constructed with donations and money in 1924 in the same place.

The new one is known as Waverly Hills which was opened after two years in 1926 which is known to be the advanced tuberculosis sanatorium. In those days it was thought that the best way to treat tuberculosis is to spend in fresh air, taking plenty of nutritious food and rest. Many rested at Waverly hills and it is said that many patients died here. 

Coughing up blood, Overcrowded, understaffed and the bodies of the dead were carelessly discarded down a chute and then taken out of the building through an underground tunnel. This method of disposing the bodies was kept covert by doctor’s orders who wanted patients to be unaware of the quantity of dead bodies.

The actual member of bodies dragged down that tunnel may have been closer to only 8,000 than the rumored 63,000 dead. As if “only 8,000 dead” is an acceptable number. If such a thing as ghosts exist, then surely they would be haunting where thousands of them, still warm from life, made the evolution to death from such a wretched hospital.

In the last days of 1930, The disease slowly begun to decline and new medicines were helpful. In 1961, Waverly hills was closed down but was reopend as Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium. There were many rumoras and stories told about patients and many bad experiments during the years when building was used as an old age home. Some were proved as false but some were turned out to be true.

 Visitors always talk of slamming doors, lights in the windows as if power was still running and strange sounds and footsteps in empty rooms.

Many people witnessed a man in a white coat who has been seen walking in the kitchen and the smell of cooking food. Several sounds of footsteps , a door swinging shut and the smell of fresh baked bread in the air. 

Well known is a tragic story of a nurse in 1928, named Mary Lee who worked treating people with tuberculosis who contracted the disease, a tragic story but sadly it’s not finished, this nurse also found herself with child from one of the doctors and unwed. 

The shame of this was too much for her and she took her own life by hanging herself in Room 502. Tragically her body lay undiscovered for a long time. Another bizarre story from Room 502 is that another nurse took her own life by jumping out the window. But the most terrifying and shocking sighting is that of an elderly lady with her hands and feet bleeding and chained runs away screaming from stunned onlookers. It is so sad to think that even in the afterlife this poor tragic soul has yet to find peace. 

We don't know whats the truth but there is a suspicious thing going on in this sanitorium which all haunters always find. Thank you for reading. 

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