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                                             JOELMA BUILDING IN BRAZIL

    The Joelma building is in Sao Paulo in Brazil. It is a 25 storey building which is constructed beautifully in large grounds. Unexpectedly in 1974, The building caught fire which took away the lives of 189 innocent people and around 345 were injured. It is located at 225 Avenida 9 de Julho.

This mysterious incident occured on 1st February, 1974 at 
 around 8:55 am. It was said that the building caught fire due to the flammable materials which were used for the interior construction of building. The entire building caught fire within 20 minutes . It was burned for more than four hours and fire could not be controlled. The experts believe that this place is surrounded by a strange spiritual energy even today. Most of the people believed that the building was carried by curse.

At first the a college named Jesuit college was constructed in this place and 12 priests and an altar boy survived there. These  people were given curse by a local tribe that they would die and collect the souls of the fellow christians who dared to live on the land. 

The story behind this building is almost 400 years later, There was a house in the same place and it was the curse of that place which followed the building. It was the house of Paul Campbell , a chemistry professor who lived with his family. One day he behaved very cruelly with his family members and killed everyone with his gun including his mother, father and sisters. Later he buried their bodies in the backyard of his house. He buried 11 bodies of his family members and later himself shot to dead. The next day a fire fighter visited the house and was badly infected by the infection came out of corpse. In total 13 people were dead in the house. The house remained vacant and in 1972, Joelma building was constructed in the same place.

The constructers of this building observed that the Campbell family was still in the house and they heard the strange noises throughout the construction. After only two years later, the entire building was caught under fire. It killed 189 people and injured 345 people. The fire was caused due to the short circuit in the air conditioning of the building.

The temperature reached to 700 degree and there is no place to escape and many fell from the top of the building. Thirteen people who were in the elevator tried to escape and Unfortunately burnt alive at the door of the building. Their bodies were not found and were buried collectively in St Peters Cemetery.

 These thirteen bodies gave rise to the mystery of the thirteen souls. The people believe that these thirteen people were the one who vanishes their illness and pray the burial site. The visitors whoever pass by this site will surely have a site of this ground.

After the fire the building remained closed for four years for the construction. It was given the name Plaza of the Flag. People say that even today they find the dead spirits in this building.

It will be surely a great experience to visit this place and a best place to be haunted and the old Joelma building mystery still continues.

Very eager to visit place.......... Are you?

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